CT Call!

That's right....I'm having a CT Call!! 

I didn't think I was going to have one this soon, but I've been approached with some exciting new offers and I think I'll need the help to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I need help not only in scrapping pages with my kits and any addons I create, but also an extra hand--or, more appropriately, an extra eye--to look them over for a quality check. It sure would help me cut down on my finished designing to finished product time. And you know those are two different things, right? LOL I'd also love help promoting on social networking sites and those digi sites that allow it. And, of course, it's great to have people to bounce ideas off of and a group to make suggestions, offer support and all those other hundred things that CTs are wonderful at doing!


I hope to hear from a lot of talented scrappers! I would like to find at least 6 artists, but I'd be willing to take on more if you have the right stuff! So what are you waiting for?? Get that info to me stat!!


My Mojo Is Back!

I'm so excited! My mojo, which left a few weeks back without leaving so much as a forwarding address, has returned and inspired me with ideas for two more kits. I jotted down everything needed for one of the kits and a few items for the second and I'm ready to get started. In fact, I did get started and completed some doodles that I'll need for papers and elements. It's going to be a simple kit, with just a few colors in the palette, but it's a kit that holds a lot of meaning for me.

It's all well and good that I have my creative juices flowing again, but I need to stay off the internet and take advantage of it. The last time I felt this creative (I can barely remember that far back! LOL), I created an awesome color palette, 24papers and wrote down plans for over 60 elements and ideas for an addon kit. And then I lost all desire to design and I just can't get back "into" that kit. It's languishing on my EHD and, as much as I still want to finish it, I'll just have to wait until that particular bug bites me again.

For now, I'll plow ahead with this idea. It's all so clear in my mind...I just hope I can do that image justice in real life! I haven't done a whole lot of doodling in the past, but I'm teaching myself to use Illustrator. It's just slow going. Slower than I'd like anyway. Of course, it doesn't help that we've had a busy past week and busier weekend. My evenings seem to disappear before I know it and, by the time the boys are sleeping, I'm so sleepy myself that I can't get to the computer at all. And my poor house has been neglected for far too long. This weekend required massive cleaning and organizing.

I managed, by purchasing a larger bookcase, to gather all the boys games, puzzles and educational materials into one location; did a major clean-out, clean-up and reorganization of the toy room; cleaned both bathrooms; swept and mopped all the floors; put away the medical bills that have been sitting out since the beginning of the year; did five loads of laundry; got a good start on clearing off the dining room table (which is a catch-all for anything and everything) and the kitchen counter; got down our fish tank from the attic, cleaned it out, set it up and treated the water so we'll be ready for fish later this week; drew and cleaned up 8 doodles for the new kit and chose a color palette for it; plus all the normal grocery shopping and errand running. We even managed dinner out together as a family and a Wii session with Scooby-Doo. I hope all of you are having weekends that are just as productive as mine has been thus far!

Keep your eye out for a newsletter. I just might let you get a sneak peek at my new color palette!


It's Just As I Said

What did I tell you? If I miss a Sunday, it will make it easier to skip another and another and another. And that's almost what happened. The weekend before my store opened, I had family visiting and I wasn't able to post I meant to post during the week, but was too busy each night. Last weekend, I had a lot of personal stuff going on and wasn't able to post and--again--didn't have time during my evenings after work. So here I am, finally announcing on my blog that my Facebook store is open...even though it's been open for a couple weeks already!

So, umm...yeah. The store is open! Hoorah!! Everything is still 20% off because I've been too busy to go turn off the sale, so enjoy for a few more days. Let me show you what I have in there and some of the pages a few uber-talented scrap artists came up with for me.

First up is A New You, which is a kit I offered for free a while back at 9th& Bloom. I love the color palette; it's fresh, modern and soft all at the same time. I made this kit with a new beginnings, fresh starts and personal resolutions in mind. There are four companion packs that go with it: Frame Clusters, Journal Cards, Ricrac Stacks and Declarations.

Next up is the fan freebie kit, Keeping Track. I am so in love with this kit and I don't mind saying so! I can't remember where I stumbled upon the color palette for this kit, but as soon as I saw it, it spoke to me and I knew what I had to scrap. This kit is all about writing down your memories. Not just scrapping your photos, although that is a huge part of it. But it's all about journaling, writing down those memories that might seem small now, but that we never want to forget. You can download the full-size kit here on my blog, on my Facebook page and by signing up for my newsletter, but there are also four companion packs for this kit as well: Page Borders, Painted Clusters, Quotes, and Ribbon Stacks.

Aren't those pages gorgeous? I'm sending bug hugs and much thanks to the ladies who created them for me!

I've had a few messages asking me about the store. It shows an image of each collection in its entirety, but that doesn't mean you're choosing to purchase the whole thing! It's just a way of keeping each collection together in the store. Click on the image and it will take you into the section where you can purchase just the packs you want.

I think that's all for this week. I've been so busy with a few personal issues and at my day job lately that I haven't had much time for designing, but I have some exciting things heading your way!

Until next time...Happy Scrapping!