Third Time Lucky ???

I thought it was about time I make my first post here on my new blog. I'm not a very devoted blogger. I start out strong and then procrastinate long enough that it comes to a point when I think, "Eh...what's the point anymore?" LOL I hope by setting aside at least one day a week to post, I'll keep up with it and it will make a pattern so people will know when to come back to check for updates. So, it looks like Sundays it is!

I'm going to make this post a little about myself so you can all get to know me. Some of you are coming to know me through my new design name, Kiki Cole Designs; others know me from other digi sites as Cole; and still others may remember me from my old design name, Green Elephant Designs.

Once upon a time, I guess about 3 or 4 years ago, I started designing under Green Elephant Designs. I was at Hot Spot Scraps for a bit, Bits 2 Kits (my first digi designer home), and the longest at Designs In Digital. As so often happens, however, my family started to demand more and more of my attention and I had to stop designing. I continued being as involved as I could with the digi community and was on the CT at Digital Freebies up until they closed their forums. When the owner of Designs In Digital decided to close it, I was going to take over, but--again--life had other plans. So, here I am, hoping this will be "third time lucky" and I can really make a go of it!

My design style and abilities have changed in the past few years. I've had a few people tell they are glad I'm going to start designing again as they always liked my kits. Hopefully, I'll be even more successful at it during this run. I'm opening a Facebook store as I don't think I'll be able to keep up with any store requirements...not at this point anyway. Besides, I'd like to get my name out there and pages posted around digi world so I can get into a really strong, established store once I feel I'm ready for it. My plan is to not only release full-sized kits, but also coordinating companion packs for as many as I can. Things like frame clusters, page borders, scatters, element stacks and so on. I'd love to offer little games and challenges here on my blog occasionally and will try to offer freebies on a fairly regular basis as well. With that being said, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter because I'll be offering subscriber freebies as well!

A little about me: First and foremost, I'm the lucky mom of two handsome little boys who will be turning 6 and 2 in late Spring. I devote a lot of time to them, hence the reason I'm not ready to commit myself to store requirements. My oldest has been diagnosed with Asperger's, Sensory Processing Disorder with early signs of Dyspraxia. And my other...well, he's 2. Enough said! LOL I'm newly separated from my husband and, as a single mom, I really have my hands full most days. My husband is over regularly and we're trying to do this very amicably while leaving open the possibility that we just might work out our differences sometime in the future and be a family again.

I live in southern Louisiana, where hubby is from, but am from north-central Wisconsin. My entire family still lives there, of course, so it's hard on me having no blood relatives here to rely upon. I have been Blessed with wonderfully supportive in-laws, however, so I'm really quite lucky!

My boys and I spend a lot of time playing games, Hungry Hungry Hippos was the favorite a few weeks ago, playing with toys, and learning as much as we can about dinosaurs. Like so many people on the spectrum, my oldest has a subject of choice that he is absolutely obsessed with and it is dinosaurs. There was a time when all he would play with his dinosaur figures, all he would read was dinosaur books and all he would watch were dinosaur documentaries. How many 3-1/2 year olds do you know who can tell you a rhamphorhynchus isn't really a dinosaur, but a pterosaur that probably ate fish? Or that coelophysis was one of the earliest dinosaurs and lived at the same time as postosuchus? How many 3-1/2 year olds do you know who could even pronounce rhamphorhynchus, coelophysis and postosuchus much less pick them out of a picture?  In the almost 2 years since he first started his obsession, I've been able to get him interested in other movies/cartoons, other toys, other subjects. But we still go through periods (and we're going through one right now) where nothing will do except dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs! My youngest will tell you his favorite dinosaur is a brachiosaurus and he can recognize the easy ones like triceratops and T-rex, but his toy of choice is Disney Pixar's Cars characters (especially Mater, whom he calls Dadgum) and Pixar's Toy Story characters (Buzz Lightyear holds out over all the other Toy Story figures).

And what about me? When I'm not designing or scrapping, I'm usually reading. I am an English major with an emphasis in creative writing, so I almost always have my nose in a book or am scribbling down ideas for stories and essays. I do work outside the home, so I don't get to devote as much time as I'd like to designing. Unfortunately, my home needs cleaning, clothes need washing and children need feeding. LOL  But, as I don't sleep well at night, I spend most of my evenings--after the boys are settled down--at the computer trying one thing and another.

I hope to get a few things in my Facebook store by mid-February, and I hope to get my fan freebie out to you before that! It will be a full-size kit and you'll be able to pick up pieces by "Liking" my Facebook page, signing up for my newsletter and through a link here on my blog. I also hope to have coordinating packs in the store by then too.

So, stay tuned!

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