I'm Getting Excited...Are You?

The day of my Grand Opening is approaching quickly. Let's forget that I only have a few items to bring into the store at this point...I'm still excited! LOL Granted, I have several more kits completed, but I really want to create companion packs for each so there is a whole collection. Then I need to find people to scrap with them and give them time to scrap; and I don't want to load everything in there all at once, ya know? Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. And this way, I don't look so lame when it takes me a month and a half to finish a kit because the boys aren't sleeping at night or the house is messier than usual or I'm so busy at work I'm too tired to design or I'm plain ol' lazy about it.

I've gotten several pages back from the fabulous gals scrapping with the kits and I love what they're doing. They make my kits look good, which--no matter how I might love the kit myself--is always pleasantly surprising. I can't wait to showcase their art! I hope I'm able to get everything uploaded and figured out by Wednesday. Keep your eyes peeled and then shop away!

In more personal news, I was very excited today about two things. My 5-yr-old lost his second tooth and has that adorable gap-grin going on (which means lots of smiling at the camera for mommy!) and my 2-yr-old woke up from nap, walked into the bathroom, pulled down his pants and Pull-up and pee-peed in his potty for the first time! And the little sneak didn't even announce it to any of us for almost an hour later!! I see a light at the end of the diaper-changing tunnel!

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend. Mine was pretty darn good.

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